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air deccan web site woes

November 18, 2007

I had few recommendations (to put them softly) to the air deccan guys regarding their web site. I found a place to send them feedback. But it says it will use my mail program to send them as email, which i do not have installed on my machine. So i am putting them down here If they will find and fix that will be great else some one who reads can be careful about these.

1. previously when i login all my history of booking used to be shown, so that i do not have to remember any thing. Now I can not see my bookings, so to get a ticket i have to remember my pnr number

2. this is very important: when i tried to reschedule my booking, it accepts payment only by credit card (the booking was made using debit card). Also the credit card information is submitted via http not even https

3. If i want to submit them feedback i need to have some mail client, which luckily i do not have so atleast i have one article in my blog.

I do not understand why they ignore their web site so much where as the ROI on that would be huge, they need to spend less money per ticket if the booking is via web. But still many people ignore that. Also web site is face of your company so better have a simple user friendly one then a jazzy advertisement gimmick.

All you guys out there Please do not compromise credit card numbers in http sites. here the ordinary booking is via https but i think the rescheduling was ignored/forgotten.


What consumes my Time

November 5, 2007

I would like to inspect where do i spend most of time…

1. 10-12 hours goes in work…

2. 1-2 hours reading rss feeds

3. eatingΒ  1-2 hours

4. rest of time resting sleeping etc…

It is good that i have made a habit of reading blogs, you feel more connected to the world.

I would like to mention on blog which is good and getting better

Also these days indian stock market is doing great, seeing those figures give a different kind of high.

I think as it is suggested to have a portfolio that is diverse in order to reduce the risk, I think your work and activities comprise work portfolio, It is alway good to have them diversified.

Since obstacles/failures are in-evitable and when u have failure in one path u can spend some time on other part of the portfolio. this really eases risk of succumbing to the work wounds πŸ™‚

It will take a long time for me to write some good blog, but till then…. this is oneof my goal… πŸ™‚

Usability vs Functionality

October 13, 2007

First I must admit the power of entropy, It’s been a long time since I have not updated this, I have not done so many other things which I wanted. Well busy is the excuse I prefer to use πŸ™‚ for now.

For now lets see which one is more important than the other.

I my self am a developer, so my brain is some how trained to appreciate the Functionality than Usability . The example would be I liked spending time to understand the remote of the high end tele-vision which would be one of the least usable gadgets. Where as on the other hand I spend a lot of time on ipod which does not have much functionality.

But like every other debate, this also has several points supporting both sides. Slowly now my scales are tipping towards the usability. Almost all biz opportunities are solving usability issues now a days. I would say 60% usable and 40% functional would be good.

reminiscences of independence day celebrations

August 14, 2007
  • primary school– njoying the celebrations at school and the sweets that were distributed
  • secondary school– little bit of revolt on why we have to come to school even on this day
  • college– rebellion watch movies, hangout with friends probably celebrate with beer
  • now– ???

looking back at this pattern as awareness grew the celebration lost it’s charm
now i can conceptualize independence and freedom better than in my childhood days and that brings me to some inferences

  1. independence is impossible we are all interdependent
  2. freedom at a philosophical level is always there
  3. freedom at a physical level is not there
  4. freedom at political level never used
  5. freedom at social level rarely used

After all this I still am impressed with all the freedom-fighters and the entire movement. they were more committed in solving their problem compared to people today. now a days problems don’t get solved much they are transmitted.

I still do not understand why we celebrate independence day when it was freedom movement and freedom fighters were involved (some where some discrepancy).

probably as a whole India wins independence and each of its citizens wins freedom?

This is one amazing video a friend has referred to me on youtube

HP Pavilion and problems

July 5, 2007

This is a rant…..

This is the mail content i have put in the support request for my hp pavilion on hp site…

First of all why does the other link where i can mail hp prod manager does not work????

I am irritated by the way HP is handling things, I have a bought a pavilion recently and I was in a hurry so i formatted the entire hard disk. Now i found out that the OS and other drivers are put in a hard disk partition instead of giving me a cd/dvd.
The support is pathetic, dont seem to understand my problem I had logged an email support, then i got a response with instructions on how to back-up, the recovery cd that was given will not work with out that partition…:((

I have tried taking a chat support, here also i did not get any better response, one thing useful information conveyed to me was reseller will give me back up media if warranty is still valid…

Now i call up the shop where i bought they say they are just package movers so they do not have any idea…

Now i have a laptop, on which i have installed Linux, i have paid for windows which i do not have. I have downloaded and installed vista ultimate (whose license expires in a month or so) in this i do not get drivers, the web site is like obsolete…
I will publish my experiences with HP as it goes….

laws of stupidity

April 25, 2007

For some time thought about this and came with these laws… (thinking about stupidity πŸ˜‰ )


1. Stupid by design– a man acts stupid unless forced by external circumstances to act other wise
2. Stupidity quantum of universe is increasing– every re/action increases the amount of stupidity of universe

3. *****

Third one I could not figure out, but if any one who reads can find a third one, please post it as a comment….

lets select best stupidity law….


March 27, 2007
1) Aware, Know 2) Aware, Don’t Know
3) Unaware, Know 4) Unaware, Don’t Know

me and a friend of mine came with this matrix, with four quadrants. Typically all management related stuff deals with some thing of this sort. We also spent some time to come with characters to map these qualities

  1. Lord Krishna
  2. Arjuna
  3. Hanuman
  4. Duryodhan

Now there are so many interesting things that can be done with this matrix, measure where you belong, which one is preferable.

hey wait does the title mean anything?

The words I have associated with each quadrant is

  1. Wisdom
  2. un-knowledge
  3. Knowledge
  4. Ignorance

existence vs living

March 23, 2007

some how everyone understands the difference between these two.
also living is preferred over existence

taking a cue from here,
the progress of life can be taken as jumping in between these two levels, like electrons oscillating from one shell to another πŸ™‚