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Evangelising web

August 14, 2007


the web with its ever increasing bandwidth and availability, the way it is used has to be changed.

I foresee,

  1. copy-paste kind of functionality at least in java script or web browser so that we will not download/upload we will only copy/paste
  2. ip-tv will be pervasive
  3. services like anti-virus and data back-up will become more reliable/available on internet
  4. internet will become aware of biometrics, so the online security paradigm will change as a whole

nice plugin

April 18, 2007

I was trying to create resource bundles( ). I came across a nice plugin called Resource Bundle Editor ( It was quite nice, set of property files are displayed as resource bundle, best part is copy-paste chinese content from some translator site like bablefish and you are almost done. This plugin takes care of converting the content and saving by escaping the required charecters.