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gwt form submit mac safari problem

October 13, 2007

This is one nice problem, we at our work observed…

we are creating a web app using gwt, which has a form which has a submit button, onclik of that some validations are done and if successful form is submitted if failed the submit event is cancled.

interestingly this is not working on mac safari, the form gets submitted even if canceled the event explicitly.

The work around we are using is to keep that button out of form and doing submit explicitly.

just wondering what could be the problem..

is the way js is executed in safari different? but it uses the same engine as firefox on which it works

the threading model of the browser could have such an effect? do not know much about it

any ways this I just put it up here so that at least some workaround can be found by people. will update here once know a solution or more information regarding this.