air deccan web site woes

I had few recommendations (to put them softly) to the air deccan guys regarding their web site. I found a place to send them feedback. But it says it will use my mail program to send them as email, which i do not have installed on my machine. So i am putting them down here If they will find and fix that will be great else some one who reads can be careful about these.

1. previously when i login all my history of booking used to be shown, so that i do not have to remember any thing. Now I can not see my bookings, so to get a ticket i have to remember my pnr number

2. this is very important: when i tried to reschedule my booking, it accepts payment only by credit card (the booking was made using debit card). Also the credit card information is submitted via http not even https

3. If i want to submit them feedback i need to have some mail client, which luckily i do not have so atleast i have one article in my blog.

I do not understand why they ignore their web site so much where as the ROI on that would be huge, they need to spend less money per ticket if the booking is via web. But still many people ignore that. Also web site is face of your company so better have a simple user friendly one then a jazzy advertisement gimmick.

All you guys out there Please do not compromise credit card numbers in http sites. here the ordinary booking is via https but i think the rescheduling was ignored/forgotten.


One Response to “air deccan web site woes”

  1. Manish Says:

    Hi Lakdi,

    Found your blog looking through the internet, how’s it going dude, you have put your thoughts in a nice and simple way, i don’t like to read huge blog posts unless it’s extremely interesting.

    I have one more blog to visit then and you gained some readership.

    Some feedback.
    avoid putting those shayaris(as most of our people do when they have no reason to blog but they still do putting paras from books in.), You can use them to build the title for your article.


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