What consumes my Time

I would like to inspect where do i spend most of time…

1. 10-12 hours goes in work…

2. 1-2 hours reading rss feeds

3. eating  1-2 hours

4. rest of time resting sleeping etc…

It is good that i have made a habit of reading blogs, you feel more connected to the world.

I would like to mention on blog which is good and getting better http://weblog.raganwald.com

Also these days indian stock market is doing great, seeing those figures give a different kind of high.

I think as it is suggested to have a portfolio that is diverse in order to reduce the risk, I think your work and activities comprise work portfolio, It is alway good to have them diversified.

Since obstacles/failures are in-evitable and when u have failure in one path u can spend some time on other part of the portfolio. this really eases risk of succumbing to the work wounds 🙂

It will take a long time for me to write some good blog, but till then…. this is oneof my goal… 🙂


2 Responses to “What consumes my Time”

  1. Ashok CM Says:

    10 to 12 hours goes into work? Are you sure its just work? Or is it an hour reading mails, another hour looking for new mails, another hour chatting at the coffee machine, 3 hrs with smoking buddies and 2 hours explaining the meaning of life universe and everything to those unfortunate souls with a lesser mind?

  2. Kx Says:

    1.5 hr work,
    1 hr TT
    6 hr sleep
    1 hr food
    Rest on my laptop!!!

    Arey yeh ansal ka kuch nahi ho raha hei!!

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