reminiscences of independence day celebrations

  • primary school– njoying the celebrations at school and the sweets that were distributed
  • secondary school– little bit of revolt on why we have to come to school even on this day
  • college– rebellion watch movies, hangout with friends probably celebrate with beer
  • now– ???

looking back at this pattern as awareness grew the celebration lost it’s charm
now i can conceptualize independence and freedom better than in my childhood days and that brings me to some inferences

  1. independence is impossible we are all interdependent
  2. freedom at a philosophical level is always there
  3. freedom at a physical level is not there
  4. freedom at political level never used
  5. freedom at social level rarely used

After all this I still am impressed with all the freedom-fighters and the entire movement. they were more committed in solving their problem compared to people today. now a days problems don’t get solved much they are transmitted.

I still do not understand why we celebrate independence day when it was freedom movement and freedom fighters were involved (some where some discrepancy).

probably as a whole India wins independence and each of its citizens wins freedom?

This is one amazing video a friend has referred to me on youtube


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