States of matter… idea?

finally after a long time, i got some time to blog… (busy with work).

finally bought a laptop and an internet connection. I did not have time to even update the book i am reading, these are pretty much like confessions, so forget it.

recently when some of my friends were talking we came across an intresting idea…

we know there are 3 states of matter, well there are more than that (like plasma etc…) for more details

on these lines we are trying to establish a collection of states (automata) where matter transitions from one another on some input. So far we are trying to do that with tangible/physical world. Our religions/belief systems have already put the similar theory with intangibles too. on those lines if we say idea is also a state of matter, some thing like e= mc^2 suppose idea is measured IQ and IQ = mc^x how would that be? similarly some matter would tranform into an idea and vice-versa…

I am of the opinion that blog should not become a dairy, so stopping it here, that keeps me wondering why do every one blogs, sharing nature/instinct of the human KIND?

those who do not know should ask questions……


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