1) Aware, Know 2) Aware, Don’t Know
3) Unaware, Know 4) Unaware, Don’t Know

me and a friend of mine came with this matrix, with four quadrants. Typically all management related stuff deals with some thing of this sort. We also spent some time to come with characters to map these qualities

  1. Lord Krishna
  2. Arjuna
  3. Hanuman
  4. Duryodhan

Now there are so many interesting things that can be done with this matrix, measure where you belong, which one is preferable.

hey wait does the title mean anything?

The words I have associated with each quadrant is

  1. Wisdom
  2. un-knowledge
  3. Knowledge
  4. Ignorance

One Response to “un-knowledge”

  1. Amit Says:

    I think I am in the second category 🙂

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