things i dont know about Life

i don’t know why it starts
and what is it’s end
i even don’t know what it takes to
make this circle bend

i don’t know the line
which separates your life from mine
i even don’t know why some lives
are scum and some are divine

i don’t know what makes one laugh
and what makes one cry
i even don’t know why some fail before
even giving a try

i don’t know why some facts are open
and some are hidden
i even don’t know why every one want to
taste the fruit forbidden


6 Responses to “things i dont know about Life”

  1. Amit Sharma Th. Says:

    nice rhyme!!

  2. Anand Verma Says:

    Good old Veddi.

    Its a nice one

  3. swati Says:

    hmm…y don u try to know at least few o dem πŸ˜‰ good one though

  4. Shiv Says:

    I liked tis poem!! Life is always just so mysterious and still it is precious!!

  5. sadiq Says:

    abe paka matt.

  6. agv Says:

    Let me provide some answers:

    1.Why it starts: Lust Lust Lust Lust and More Lust and Bingo it starts πŸ™‚
    2.What is its end: Carbon Molecules(Burn or Decompose)
    3.It takes a pole to bend the circle
    4.Separator: Tricky One
    5.Scum/divine: Nothing its a hall of mirror
    6.Why Some Fails Before a Try: Because they already had joined OOCTO
    7.Facts: What are they, everything is relative.
    8.Fruits and Forbidden: Again Lust Lust Lust Lust and more Lust

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